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Not Your Typical Realtor. Not Your Typical Realtor Bio.

Hey Now!

You loathe typical real estate agent bios. Don’t worry, I do too. They’re like cardboard — stiff, bland, and identical to every other bio out there. I mean, do we need to see your headshot from 20 years ago? Instead of boasting ad nauseum about awards and accomplishments you’re not interested in, I’m taking the novel approach of actually giving you what you want — real answers to questions you’re probably wondering right now.

Will you return my calls, emails, DM’s and texts?
Yes. Without question.

I realize this is one of the major frustrations the general public has with dealing with agents. I get dozens of messages daily, and I work hard to reply as quickly as possible in the manner you prefer. Don’t you hate texting someone and then they try to call you seven times while you’re in a meeting.

I’ve met many Realtors who are jerks. Are you?

Ugh, right! Tell me about it, I deal with those folks all day! If you ask certain agents who have stood between my clients and their real estate goals, they’ll probably say “yes”. A handful of people think I leave golden footprints in the sand (Hi Mom!). Those are the two extremes, and most people’s opinion falls somewhere in the middle.

Here’s what I can tell you: I’m honest and candid. I take pride in being approachable and friendly. And if you need a quick real estate brain, or a strong dose of honesty (sometimes tough love), you’re in the right place. Loyalty to family, clients, and friends is one of my core values. Want to really find out if I’m a jerk? Mess with one of those people.

Do You Have experience doing exactly what I need?

Until you tell me what you need, there is no way of knowing.

These are “strong suits” of mine:

· Working with tech savvy folks… do you even IG bro?

· Relocations from the far north with universal health care to across globe where kimchi is a dining staple
· Families, Retirees and empty nesters
· Finding fixers to 4-plexes and all the single family residences in between.
If your goal or situation isn’t represented on that list, don’t worry. Contact me anyway. If I can’t help, I can get you referred to an another agent who can.

What kind of work are you really good at?

On a personal level, I’m pretty good at golf (I can hit a one iron off the deck), and I’m not too shabby at #DadJokes (that’s for the kids).

On a professional level, here are the skill-sets that I’ve developed over the years:

· Listening. Unfortunately, it’s a lost art these days.
· Very tech savvy so if you want eSigs, cloud access, and someone who can do a deal over text, I’m your guy
· Keeping the deal going… it’s going to get rough so keeping everyone working forward with the “eyes on the prize” is key.

What do clients think of you?

My clients are better suited to answer this for you. Here’s what one of them said… (not my Mom):
“Gosh, I wish I could have picked more attributes to describe the service Shane has provided me with the sale of my house. As a realtor he has gone above the call of duty. He just didn’t “list” my house for sale. He walked me through all of the options I had, helped me by supplying me all of the necessary phone numbers and contacts and kept on top of the banks when we weren’t getting any answers. Shane is very knowledgeable about all of the different types of sales available (short sale, deed in lieu of, straight sale, etc.). He has been a pleasure to work with and has done most of the work for me making this a very easy process. I would recommend Shane to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He is the man! D. Smith”


Zillow Reviews:

Quick Snapshot
· Years in Real Estate: 14 (since 2004)
· Licensed Broker in CA – very intense training to pass that exam
· Graduate, REALTOR Institute
· Sign: Libra
· Favorite Movie: Star Wars

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